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A Call for Innovation Partners

The ACMD will bring together world-leading scientists, researchers and educators in medicine, biomedical engineering and technology to transform Australia’s health system.

To keep us at the forefront of health innovation today and into the future, we are preparing the next generation of interdisciplinary leaders in health.

But we cannot do it alone.

To make the ACMD a reality and give it a physical presence, we have embarked on a major philanthropic fundraising campaign. We seek innovation partners in the community to raise the $40 million still required to establish and resource Australia’s leading biomedical engineering centre.

Join us, to accelerate the innovation that can make a tangible difference to the health of individuals and Australia’s healthcare infrastructure as a whole.

You can play a key role in driving change in Australia’s healthcare sector.

Together, we can create a fairer and more equitable health system for all and change people’s lives through healthcare innovation.

“The ACMD is a world first and the most significant development in biomedical research in Australia in 20 years. When you partner with the ACMD, you will help improve the lives of millions of people through the use of health technology to achieve more equitable access to innovations.”

Krystyna Campbell-Pretty AM, Co-Chair of the ACMD Philanthropy Council

“The ACMD represents a bold new future, accelerating medical innovation by coupling discovery, biomedical engineering, education and commercialisation. A gift to the ACMD is an investment in Australia’s biomedical engineering expertise to create practical solutions that will materially improve patients’ lives.”

Clark Morgan, Co-Chair of the ACMD Philanthropy Council
Meet our Campaign Director

Melina Talanis is an accomplished philanthropy professional driven by a genuine desire to make a difference and effect positive change. She is passionate about building lasting, meaningful relationships with philanthropic partners.

The unique blend of her in-depth knowledge of the non-profit landscape, her experience with capital campaigns and major gifts, and her strategic approach has led to remarkable fundraising achievements across higher education, health care and medical research.

Melina Talanis
ACMD Capital Campaign Director 
St Vincent's Foundation
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Engineering the future of healthcare

The ACMD recognises the Traditional Owners/Custodians of the land on which its many sites are located. We pay our respects to the Elders past and present and welcome all Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people to the ACMD.